About the artist


Born in Distrito Federal Mexico; raised in Toronto, Desiree Martinez is a self-taught artist that finds imperfections through paint and meaning in clay.

Tora Studios share artistry that finds, preserves, and transforms the connection between the body, mind, and emotion to something tangible yet imperfect. Much like its inspiration and audience. Conveying the odyssey of victories and defeats molded together creating life immortalized through brush strokes and mud.

A medium of oil on acrylic, texturized work on abstract memoirs; lines that neither begin nor end and yet connects. But where the frame and fabric end, clay takes shape. The physical ability to transform and transcribe emotion bound only to your imagination. A tone of earth on texture and shape. An artistry of vivacity and home.



“Art has the power to let us wonder into our emotions, as an artist, I have the ability to turn such sentiments into tangible pieces. I hope my viewers will be able to feel such passion through my art and ceramics."