About the artist

Tora Studios is founded by Desiree Martinez. Born in Mexico city and raised in Toronto. Desiree is a self-taught artist and focuses in creating unique pieces for people's home. As a teenager, she used to spend hours drawing and was always amused with art that would take her mind out of the busy and life problems. After high school and as she grew older, unable to find herself in a career and after several job journeys, she started exploring art and eventually she found herself in within the art.



Artist statement 

My art is a collection of sentiments that have developed throughout my childhood to adult life. Often exploring situations and events that were misunderstood or perhaps too complex at the time. Creating art that will connect with people and bring them a moment of perhaps calmness or remind them of a forgotten feeling. As humans, we are always busy and concern with making a living and finding life perfection. I like to push boundaries . I hope my art is a reminder that you are only human and we are allowed to feel and explore our emotions without judgment. After all we are growing as a person.