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Clay, Mind And Energy Mug Workshop 11AM-1PM

Clay, Mind And Energy Mug Workshop 11AM-1PM

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Clay, Mind And Energy. Where soul meets clay.

A basic introduction to hand building a mug using the pinch technique. The goal of this workshop is to focus, not only hand building your own mug but, setting our mind and energy towards creativity. I will guide you through the basic steps from pinching to under-glazing (painting) the mug. 

~Workshop starts Saturday February 24. 11AM-1PM

~Location: this workshop is being host at Campbellford public library, second floor. Located in 98 Bridge St E. 

~Price is per person.

~The workshop covers all materials + firing. 

~Final pieces will be ready for pick up approx. 2-3 weeks after the session.

~You are welcome to bring photos of inspiration of a mug you want to create. 

~This a group workshop, everyone is welcome. But please note, this workshop is not suitable for kids younger than 11 years old. Adult supervision is required for anyone younger than 18.  

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