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36X60 I am the art, I am the ceramics

36X60 I am the art, I am the ceramics

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Original artwork

Self-portrait artwork representing the journey I have chosen as an artist. At the beginning of September 2022, when my husband was away, I started to focus more into my art style and pottery; letting go my floral arrangements - my most reliable profitable sale. It was not that I didn’t enjoy it but it was leading me somewhere I did not want to be. The attention was on the florals and so my art, who I am, was left behind. Taking a big financial risk and a turn of my life perspective, I went ahead and focus on what I truly love: art and clay. Now, as I focus on both, I want people to see both mediums and me as one, and for me to not let go ever again who I truly am

  • Please note, due to the size and weight this artwork is not available for express shipping. Delivery is available within GTA. If you are outside my delivery range, a new shipping quote will be calculated.One of a kind. Painting size 36X60, depth 1 1/2” Acrylic. Stretched cotton canvas. Authenticity, artwork is signed. Certificate of authenticity is included as well as artist notes.

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