See my work in person


FAQ: Where can I see your work in person?

My studio is located at home, so yes I work from home. But that does not mean you are not able to see more of my work in person. I try to capture the best of my art and ceramics through photos, but I understand the need to see it person. For this and many other reasons I continue to do pop-ups through different market locations. I do not like to just focus in solo exhibitions or galleries. Instead, I like to meet everyone from everywhere. You can shop my work in person whenever I am doing a pop up, through the summer you will often find me at a market, mostly located in Toronto but I recently started expanding and trying out new locations :) If you are curious where I will be next, please read my pop up blog post with further details of my upcoming markets.


You can also now find some of my art, ceramics and even some florals at 6X8 market, located in Kensington Market. Please click here to see business address and hours. Limited quantity of art and ceramics.

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